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In addition to providing  the best service possible, E Ticket Travel is  committed to providing you the best deal. In some cases, pricing for cruises and vacation packages are set by the travel vendor and are pretty standard. The price that we offer is often the same price other agencies offer. We differentiate ourselves by providing generous incentives for most cruise and vacation packages booked through us.


We've shopped the competition to ensure that we are offering the best incentives in the industry. We can afford to give these incentives because we have contracted with larger agencies that have huge buying power.


The type of incentive you receive varies depending on the type of vacation and the travel vendor. Different vendors have special rules on how incentives can be provided. Incentives will be provided in one of the following methods:


  • Account Credit - A monetary credit to your cruise or resort account. This credit can be used to cover most expenses that can be charged to your account including merchandise, excursions, gratuities, meals, and alcoholic / specialty drinks.
  • Gift Card or Rebate - You receive a gift card or rebate check for the amount of your incentive
  • Upgrade - Your vacation package is upgraded in some manner, for example an upgraded room.
  • Travel Add-on - Something extra for you to do on your trip, such as a meal, show tickets, tour, wine, or spa services.


  • Incentives are earned on new vacation packages booked by us through qualifying vendors.
  • Packages booked directly with the vendor or packages transferred to E Ticket Travel are usually paid at half the regular incentive rate.
  • If you are interested in something that is not shown, please contact us for details.
  • Incentives are calculated on the base package price excluding taxes, port fees, resort fees, airfare, transportation, insurance, or other add-ons.
  • Any unused account credits will be refunded to E Ticket Travel. If this happens, let us know and we will happily apply this towards a future vacation package booked through us. You've earned your credit and we want you to use it!
  • Incentives may not be able to be combined with group packages, since these are already significantly discounted.


  • All incentives are courtesy of E Ticket Travel and not the respective travel vendor
  • Incentives shown are for new packages booked by E Ticket Travel
  • Packages booked directly with the vendor or packages transferred to E Ticket Travel are usually paid at half the regular incentive rate

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